VZ Holding

The VZ Holding AG is a Swiss financial services company headquartered in Zurich.

It has branches in Aarau, Baden, Basel, Bern, Chur, Fribourg, Geneva, Horgen, Lausanne, Liestal, Lucerne, miles, Neuchatel, Rapperswil, Rheinfelden, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, Thun, Winterthur, as well as train in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich and Nuremberg. Since March 2007, the VZ Holding AG is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

The group employs 617 staff and manages client assets of about 11 billion Swiss francs and insurance premiums in the amount of 284 million Swiss francs.

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  • 2.2 Asset management
  • 2.3 banking services
  • 2.4 Online Bank Services
  • 2.5 Insurance Administration
  • 3.1 Group structure
  • 3.2 Board of Directors
  • 3.3 Ownership

Business Model

The VZ relies on its independence. Unlike other well-known financial services consultancy is paid by the customer and not funded through the mediation of banks or insurance premiums. If mediation premiums, brokerage or retrocession flow, these will be disclosed transparently. Compared to banks, VZ does not lend sells any own financial products.

Target group

The services of the VZ Group are mainly aimed at people over 50 years of age or companies with more than 20 employees.


In 2012, the VZ VermögensZentrum ( Switzerland ) " universal banks nationally " finished the private banking rating of the balance sheet to second place in the category.

In Germany, the consultants of the VZ center assets have already reached eight times the front runners of the depot management competition " Financial Advisor of the Year". The competition is conducted each year by the magazine and the euro Going Public Academy for financial advice. Annually take part between 500 and 1,000 financial consultants from Germany in the competition.

Areas of Practice

The group specializes in the areas of retirement planning, asset management and insurance and pension fund management for businesses.

Retirement planning

When retirement planning and a financial plan for retirement is created against a consultancy fee. The Swiss pension system allows the purchase of accumulated pension credit instead of a lifelong pension. The advice is intended to serve as a basis for deciding whether better the pension or the capital is based.

Asset management

The VZ VermögensZentrum takes asset management for private and institutional clients.

Banking services

The VZ Custodian is a bank transaction and offers account management, securities and foreign exchange transactions.

Online banking services

Since 2010 can be related to the VZ Financial Portal various online services. The assets may be invested in ETFs and other securities and managed online.

Insurance Administration

The VZ is active both for individuals and for companies as an insurance broker. The two companies VZ Insurance Services Ltd and VZ Insurance Centre Ltd are registered in the register of insurance intermediaries Swiss FINMA and members of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association.

Corporate Structure

Group structure

VZ Group is organized as a holding company and includes the following companies:

  • VZ Holding AG, Zurich: The VZ Holding holds interests in the subsidiaries. Your entire share capital is listed on the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange. (Security number 2820083, ISIN CH0028200837 ).
  • VZ VermögensZentrum AG, Zurich: wealth management and asset management for private clients in Switzerland
  • VZ VermögensZentrum GmbH, Munich: wealth management and asset management for private clients in Germany
  • HypothekenZentrum AG, Zurich: Management of mortgages and transfer of loans to institutional investors
  • VZ Asset Management Ltd., train: investment research, consulting and management mandates for institutional clients
  • VZ Portfolio Services AG, Zurich: computer science services for banks and asset managers
  • VZ Depositary Bank AG, Zurich: account management, securities and foreign exchange transactions and custody advisory services to private wealth management clients and institutional investors
  • VZ Insurance Services AG, Zurich: Risk management consulting and insurance and pension fund management for corporate clients.
  • VZ Insurance Centre Ltd., Zurich: insurance management for private clients
  • Breakfast & Partners Wealth Management Ltd., train: Asset Management for domiciled in Switzerland entrepreneurs
  • VZ precautionary AG, Zurich: services such as consulting, administration and management of investment trusts, pension funds, and facilities that are used according to their purpose occupational pension.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of the co-founder and co-owner Matthias Reinhart, Fred Kindle, Dr. Albrecht long hard and Roland Iff.


As at 30 June 2013, the ownership structure are as follows:


The company was founded in 1993 by Matthias Reinhart and Max Bolanz as VZ Insurance Centre AG. Their goal was to bring by price and performance comparisons transparency to the Swiss insurance and banking business. The purpose of the company involved first the placement of insurance contracts.

As a result, the range of services expanded continuously. In 1997, together with the name change on VZ VermögensZentrum AG and amending the statutes, which was no longer teaching in the center, but the advice in all financial matters and asset management.

In 2000, the Group was a holding company structure. In March 2007, the subsidiary VZ Depositary Bank by the Federal Banking Commission received a license as a bank and a securities dealer. In the same month, the IPO of VZ Holding AG took place.

In 2012, the VZ Portfolio Services AG was founded. The 100-percent subsidiary provides IT services in the field of maintenance and further development of reporting systems for VZ- group companies. Since May 2012, the VZ Holding AG holds a share of 40 % in the morning & Partner Asset Management AG. The company focuses on wealth management services for entrepreneurs domiciled in Switzerland.

Mid-2013, the VZ Providence Ltd., Zurich was founded. It is a 100 percent subsidiary of VZ Holding AG. The unit provides services such as consulting, administration and management of investment trusts, pension funds, and facilities that are used according to their purpose occupational pension.