W (disambiguation)

W is:

  • A letter of the Latin alphabet, see W
  • Nickname of George W. Bush
  • W ( magazine), American lifestyle and fashion magazine

W as an abbreviation or symbol may mean:

  • Symbols for work (physics) (English: Work)
  • Code letter for Lille on French coins from 1694 to 1836
  • Single letter code for the amino acid tryptophan
  • Water level, see level (water level measurement)
  • Watt (unit), the unit of power in the International System of Units
  • Versts, old Russian measure of length
  • Mathematical sign of the value range, see target amount
  • The compass direction west
  • The postal district West ( West London ) ( as a single initial letter of a postal code in the United Kingdom)
  • Science in the W salary scale for university teachers
  • Week
  • The chemical element tungsten

In the aviation industry:

  • West ( west, west longitude ), see West
  • White - white
  • Winter time ( see Summer Time)

As distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Germany: county-level city of Wuppertal
  • Finland: Trailer
  • France: Dealer Features
  • Great Britain: South East England
  • Ireland: Waterford City / County Waterford
  • Kazakhstan: Areas Aqmola and Qostanai (former territory Torghai, discontinued)
  • Austria: Vienna (city, country Vienna Police Department )
  • Philippines: mean of three letters used for commercial vehicles
  • Poland: Mazowieckie Voivodeship

In the financial sector:

  • Currency
  • Value
  • Change ( certificate)

W is:

  • Generates a Unix command, the expenditures similar to the command who (Unix)

W as a symbol can mean:

  • Physical symbols for the energy density
  • Mathematical character of the probability

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