W (group)

W (read as Double You ) was a J-pop girl group under the umbrella of the Hello! Projects, which existed from 2004 to 2006.

The duo was taken shortly after it was announced that Tsuji and Kago will leave the group Morning Musume. Also at this time, MiniMoni broke up, another group in which they participated. Previously Tanpopo was dissolved in Kago was a member. Free of other obligations as the two members could now devote W.

As a tabloid Kago in 2006 caught while smoking and on for a short time from the " Hello! Project was " excluded, it was agreed for W a break. However, this was never completed because Kago was fired after a second scandal in 2007. Tsuji was it part of another subgroup of " Hello! Projects "names Gyaruru (ギャルル).

W published a total of six singles, including three top ten singles and two albums. Other publications, at least one single and one album, their names and release dates were known, were canceled.





  • Fushigi Shōjo Tantei Cara & Mel: Ma no Violin Tonan Jiken (ふしぎ 少女 探偵 キャラ&メル 魔 の ヴァイオリン 盗難 事件, " The wondrous girl detectives Cara & Mel: The case of the stolen Devil Violin " from March 18 to April 10, 2005 )

Photo Books

  • U U = W (4 December 2004)
  • 50W (6 January 2005)