W. Chan Kim

W. Chan Kim is an economist who was born in Korea. He taught at the University of Michigan Business School and now holds the Bruce D. Henderson Chair of the Boston Consulting Group for Strategy and International Management at INSEAD in France hold.

He became better known by the created together with Renée Mauborgne publications on Blue Ocean Strategy.


2005 W. Chan Kim Renée Mauborgne was performed together with the 15th most " Thinkers 50 " list.


  • Blue Ocean Strategy. How to Create Uncontested Maket Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant, Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Press, 2005, ISBN 978-1591396192 In German translation: The Blue Ocean Strategy. How to create new markets where there is no competition, Vienna Munich: Carl Hanser Verlag, 2005, ISBN 978-3446402171