W. Clement Stone

William Clement Stone ( born May 4, 1902 in Chicago, † 3 September 2002) was an American entrepreneur, philanthropist and author in the field of New Thought movement. 1968 and 1972 he supported the election campaigns of U.S. President Richard Nixon with $ 2 million. This contributed to the fact that the Congress after the Watergate scandal firmly put a donation limit of $ 2,500.


Stones father died when his son was three years old. He began his career at the age of six, when he supported his mother financially by delivering newspapers. At the age of 16 he traveled to Detroit to help his mother in the establishment of an insurance company. Stone brought it by selling accident insurance to reputation in the industry. WC Stone became a symbol of the American dream.

In 1919 he founded the Combined Registry Company, emerged from the later, the Combined Insurance Company of America (United Insurance Company of America). 1930 employed his company more than 1,000 sales representatives. In 1979, his insurance company a fortune of more than $ 1 billion in shares. His company merged with the Patrick Ryan Group, in 1987 to found the Aon Corporation. The United Insurance Company is one of Aon 's largest subsidiary and operates in Germany as United Insurance Company of Germany.

Book publications

In addition, Stone propagated the life and business of the positive attitude in his books. 1960 WC Stone teamed up with Napoleon Hill to write the book "Success Through Positive Thinking ". Both also expressed a monthly magazine with the caption "Success without Limits" ( Success Unlimited). Two years later, WC Stone wrote the book " The success system that never fails " in which he reported on the secrets to become rich and live a healthy and fulfilling life. In 1964 he collaborated with Norma Lee Brown and wrote her the book "The Other Side of the Mind".


Stone captivated by its striking appearance: through his pencil - thin mustache, his suspenders, the dotted loop, ties and leggings, as well as through his philanthropic efforts. He donated over $ 275 million of facilities for the mentally ill and Christian organizations. W. Clement Stone was also a gifted orator. His most-quoted sentence: "All I want is to change the world. "

He celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2002 with a donation of $ 100,000 to the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 1980, he received a public award for his charitable W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation. He was also the founder of " heritage of faith of America " ( religious heritage of America ), a nonprofit organization that essentially the phrase "one nation under God" coined. He was " community famous Americans Horatio Alger " and was included in the Masonic 33rd degree.