W. G. Grace

William Gilbert ( "WG " ) Grace ( born July 18, 1848 in Downend, † October 23, 1915 at Mottingham, Kent ) was an English cricketer. Grace has influenced the development of cricket prevail. Especially the Battingtechnik was modernized by him.


WG Grace played first-class cricket 44 years ( 1865-1908 ). During this time he played 870 first-class matches. He was a very good all-rounder, who scored more than 54000 runs and more than 2,800 wickets. In all, he managed to achieve at least 1,000 runs in 28 seasons. This was besides him only Frank Woolley. Grace was the first player to reach the first-class cricket Century's 100 ( at least 100 runs ). He also scored the first two triple centuries in the history of first-class cricket.

For the English team WG Grace took 1880-1899 participated in 22 meetings in Test cricket, in which he scored a total of 1098 runs.


In 1896 he was elected " Wisden Cricketer of the Year". He is now next to Jack Hobbs and Plum Warner is one to be selected of only three players, which was given the honor, but the " Wisden Cricketer of the Year". In 1963 he was chosen by the editors of the Wisden Cricketers ' Almanack as one of the "Six Giants of the Wisden century". In 2009, WG Grace was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.