W. G. Wills

William Gorman Wills ( born January 28, 1828 in Killmury, Ireland, † December 13, 1891 in London) was an Irish playwright and painter.


Wills was the son of James Wills (1790-1868), author of Lives of Ilh'strious and Distinguished Irishmen. He attended the Waterford Grammar School and Trinity College, Dublin. After several years as a journalist and writer in Dublin, he moved to London, where he wrote stories for magazines. In order to improve their standard of living, he began in 1868 to work as a portrait painter. The lack of artistic training made ​​it his talent for it. Soon he had thus a good living, but with time he lost many models through its non -compliant, self-centered way of life.

Meanwhile, he had begun to write for the stage. His first work, the man o'Airlie, 1867 listed at the Princess 's Theatre in London. Already in 1872 he was hired permanently by Colonel Bateman as a dramatist of London's Lyceum Theatre. Here he wrote Medea in Corinth, Charles I. and Eugene Aram, which were performed 1872-1873 at the Lyceum. Henry Irving often played the male lead role.

Until the 1890s, Wills were performed pieces in the London theaters such as the Lyceum, Adelphi, Olympic, Princess 's, Haymarket, Drury Lane, Duke's, Prince's, Globe Theatre, Court and Criterion.

Wills was a close friend of the architect and designer Edward William Godwin, where Wills benefited from Godwin's knowledge of Greek costumes for his historical dramas. So designed Godwin 1883, the stage design and the costumes for the play, Claudian, which was performed by Wilson Barrett at the Princess 's Theatre. This performance was particularly praised by Oscar Wilde.

In addition, Wills wrote some ballads. When the mother died in 1887, which had supported him for many years, his lost drive to write. Wills died in December 1891 at Guy's Hospital, London.



  • You o'Airlie (1867 )
  • Medea in Corinth (1872 )
  • Charles I. (1872 )
  • Eugene Aram (1873 )
  • Don Quixote (1895 )
  • Claudian (1883 )
  • Juana (1880 )
  • Faust (1885 )
  • Rienzi (1887 )


  • I'll sing thee songs of Araby (1877 )


  • Ophelia and Laertes ( 1880 )
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  • Literature (19th century)
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  • Story
  • Drama
  • Ballad
  • Journalist (Ireland )
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  • Born in 1828
  • Died in 1891
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