W. H. Bramble Airport

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The WH Bramble Airport ( also Blackburne Airport ) to 1997 was the international airport of Montserrat, which was destroyed by a volcano. Montserrat is an island in the Caribbean that belongs to the Lesser Antilles as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.


The airport was located on the east side of Montserrat between Trant Bay and Bay Farm and immediately lay on the coast; he was about 8.5 kilometers from the capital, Plymouth. He was named after the first Chief Minister of Montserrat, William Henry Bramble, named.

Since 1992 takes place on the island a long-lasting outbreak of a 1050 -meter-high stratovolcano, the Soufriere Hills. In 1995, while the southern part of the island of Montserrat was completely destroyed by an eruption and then had to be evacuated. In June 1997 pyroclastic flows also reached previously unaffected areas, where 19 people were killed. By September 1997, all settlements on the southern half of the island and the airport were destroyed and covered with a thick layer of ash. At the outbreak of 1997 at the airport especially the tower and the terminal were destroyed. Since the WH Bramble Airport was closed off in the southern part of the island, the flight operation was set there in 1995 with the closure. The last eruption of the volcano took place on 11 February 2010, the lava dome collapsed and stretched a volcanic ash cloud over the entire island.

The abandoned airport can be visited during a helicopter flight over the island from the air today.

Airport connections and airlines

The airport was to fly its closure of LIAT, WinAir, Carib Aviation and regional airline Montserrat Airways. Occasionally, he was also served by flights of American Eagle Airlines.

By 2005, Montserrat had no airport and could therefore be reached only by boat or helicopter. On 11 July 2005, the new airport on the northern half of the island between the villages of St. John and Gerald, the John A. Osborne Airport was officially opened. The IATA code MNI was transferred to the new airport.