Wa East District

The Wa East District in the northwest of Ghana is one of eight districts in the Upper West Region. It was created in 2004 through a spin-off from the Wa Municipal District.


The largest ethnic groups in the district are the Wali ( 45%), Sisala ( 21%), Chakali (19%) and Dagaare (15 %). Main religions are Islam ( about 70 %), Christianity ( about 10 %) and traditional religions ( about 20 %). THe fertility of the soil here has also attracted many Fulani herders from surrounding districts Nadowli District and Jirapa / Lambussie District. This immigration has led to increased land use for livestock and land degradation and conflicts with the rural residents of the district.

Villages in the district

The notable towns in the district are concentrated in its southwestern corner, so in the neighborhood of the regional capital Wa

  • Bulenga
  • Goripie
  • Tanina
  • Mengwe
  • Chaggu ( Chako )
  • Kolipong ( Namo )
  • Kundungu
  • Ducie