Wa (Ghana)

Wa is the capital of the Upper West Region of Ghana and the Wa Municipal District. At the same time it is the city in which the people of Wala has its headquarters. The name of the city of Wa in the language of the importance Wala Come here.

Wa is close to Burkina Faso in another border area, which is about 150 kilometers from Tamale, the so-called capital of the entire North Station. In Wa lives in the majority of a population of Muslim faith, so that Wa is the only major city in Ghana with a Muslim majority. Wa was founded on an important trade route from the Sahel to the coast. This trade route has also brought the Muslim faith from the north to Ghana. Already known about in the 17th century, a large part of the population to Islam. To date, Wa is a Muslim center in Ghana.

The city houses a mosque in westsudanesischem style. This mosque attracts believers from far and wide and is one of the highlights of the city. In addition, Wa is the residence of the Wa Naa, king of the Wala. There are in the city, therefore, also a royal palace, which consists of many smaller buildings and is completed with a fringed with white battlements. The palace was built in the traditional clay construction about the middle of the 19th century. Before the palace tombs are the unusually long for Ghana traceable regency of the Wa Naa


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10.054530555556 - 2.49575Koordinaten: 10 ° 3 ' N, 2 ° 30 ' W

  • Location in Ghana
  • Upper West Region
  • Place in Africa