Wa Municipal District

The Wa Municipal District in the northwest of Ghana is one of eight districts in the Upper West Region. It was in this form in 2004 after the present districts Wa East District and Wa West District of the Wa District had been dissolved out.


In the district there are deposits of clay and other raw materials for ceramics and cement production, and gold deposits. In addition, there are some tourist attractions such as the Palace of the Wa Naa ( the traditional head of Wa ), the old mosque of Nakori and the grave of Ekem Feguson. About 80 % of the population operate subsistence farming. The district is a major producer of cotton, the cotton is processed in Wa.

Villages in the district

  • Wa
  • Busa
  • Charia
  • Boli
  • Kpongu
  • Kperisi
  • Mengwe Goripie
  • Kolpong