The acronym SAR stands for:

  • WAB eV, a network of wind energy industries in North West Germany and Germany-wide point of contact for the offshore wind industry
  • Wax & alert Niederrhein GmbH, a private security service providers in Germany ( WAB)
  • Formerly VEB water supply and wastewater treatment ( WAB)
  • Web Attached Backup
  • Alternately building bridge, similar to an ISO container
  • Wengernalpbahn, a rack railway in Switzerland
  • Westerwald Circle Waste Management Company, responsible for the operation of the waste inherent Westerwald circle
  • Westphalian Almetalbahn GmbH, a private railway company in Germany
  • Windows Address Book, a file format for Windows
  • General Scientific Library ( WAB)
  • Worked all Britain, an amateur radio - graduate program from the United Kingdom
  • Word spacing, abbreviated in typography as Wab.
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