WAC Corporal

WAC or WAC Corporal is the name of the first developed in the U.S. sounding rocket. The abbreviation WAC stands for "Without Attitude Control", because the rocket did not have a device for position control. Besides there are sources, according to which WAC should stand for " Women's Army Corps ", the female auxiliary corps of the U.S. Army.

WAC was a liquid rocket which used fuming nitric acid as oxidant, and a mixture of aniline and furyl alcohol as fuel. To start the WAC used a solid-fuel rocket. The uncontrolled WAC was started for the first time on June 12, 1947 for the last time on 27 September 1945. However, it has been used since 1949 as an upper stage of the bumper. The WAC had a launch mass of 658 kg, a diameter of 0.31 m and a length of 7.34 m. Your peak altitude was 75 km.