Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein

Wacken is a municipality in the district of Steinburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.

It is known the village by the Wacken Open Air festival, which takes place every year in early August and more than 70,000 visitors, is the world's largest metal festival.

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Wacken is located about 12 km northwest of Itzehoe and 6 km east of the North Sea-Baltic Canal. East of the village, the opencast mining holes Alsens are clay pit.


Wacken was first mentioned in 1148 demonstrated. Relics from prehistoric Germanic, like a giant's grave, point to an older population. The most important find are three belt buckles from the Bronze Age, which are now exhibited in the State Museum in Schleswig.

A grave mound is located directly on the " Twischelberg " near the primary and secondary school and is signposted in detail.


Of the 13 seats in the municipal council, the CDU has been the municipal election in 2013 eight seats, the SPD and three voters Community ABW has two.

Coat of arms

Blazon: ". In silver with red sign board a green metallic shell with flachgewölbtem ground, extruded, high-sided and two vertically placed handles "

Economy and infrastructure

Wacken Open Air

Through the crowds occur annually due to the Wacken Open Air, the revenues of local businesses, especially food and retail shops as well as restaurants increase significantly. During this time, a huge increase of goods sold more than usual in local supermarkets. Even the host of the local inn Zur Post is aimed at these days on the festival grounds a large-sized beer garden with 3500 seats and may also increase the revenue of its premises drastically.

The Savings Bank Westholstein (formerly Country Savings Bank Schenefeld ) since 2008, publishes a co - branded prepaid debit card called "Wacken Card" and was able to increase the number of its credit card customers by 50 % as in 2008. For the duration of the festival in addition, the savings bank to cash supply of visitors several ATMs at the festival site available; 2008 was about and paid through the ATMs of the local branch at 13,800 transactions a sum of € 1.4 million.

Beyond this, the residents benefit from the event Wacken, especially children and young people can supplement their pocket money by small courier services.

The Wacken shops and restaurants have made through the festival income of around € 4,350 per community residents Wacken 2007.


Approx. 3 km north of the A 23 motorway from Hamburg runs to Heide to the terminal points Hanerau -Hademarschen (AS 6) and Schenefeld (AS 7). The country roads L 130 and L 131 connect the city with the highway and the surrounding communities. South of the road L is 327 (former Federal Road 431).