Wag (disambiguation)

Wag stands for:

  • Festival of the dead Osiris (also Wag - feast), was in ancient Egypt every year in honor of the god Osiris at his death, the 18th Achet I
  • Wag ( Ancient Egypt ), ancient Egyptian place
  • Wag (archeology), rectangular or trapezoidal mound
  • Wag (Ethiopia ), district in the area Lasta
  • Wag (band), Japanese rock band
  • Wag ( unit) weight measure in different regions of Europe
  • Wag Shum, altäthiopischer title of the administrator of Wag

Wag stands for:

  • Pseudonym of the American politician Alfred Wagenknecht

WAG is an acronym for:

  • License Plate of The Gambia (derived from West Africa The Gambia )
  • Securities Supervision Act, see Directive 95/46/EC ( Data Protection Directive)
  • West-Austria -Gas-Pipeline, an Austrian- German gas pipeline

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