A wagon is pulled by draft animals car. The ancient term Stellwagen has also been reflected in the professional title Stellmacher for Cartwright.

Terms wagon, cart and carriage

Until the invention of mechanical drives most carts ( uniaxial zweiräderig ) and cars were ( biaxial ) carts. Beginnings and developments are listed under the heading of the car. With the technical development, many terms have shifted. So it was thought in the 19th century with trucks usually a type of wagon; truck today is synonymous with trucks

Carts and wagons are transportation on land, which consist of a flat load floor, a box with or without doors and hood or a similar construction from sometimes very different materials. It is mounted on a single or on multiple axes and relatively easy to move by rolling friction; for the movement is a path or road is not essential, but an advantage; as a draft animal or a human is required to overcome the rolling friction. The car differs from carriage rod loops and similar means of transport operated by sliding friction and noted in particular relative to the carrier transport (load donkeys, mules, Pannier carrier and the like. ) An enormous step forward for long-distance and mass transports dar. Until the invention of mechanical drives were cars rely on draft animals and then were called together with the biased donkeys, oxen, horses (or other beasts of burden ) wagon.

Building types of carts

Robust versions were the usual in agriculture wagon, named after the orbiting railing, and the covered wagon used as commercial vehicles and of emigrants, English wagon (also railway wagons).

For carts to carry passengers there were, depending on the design of a large number of different terms such as:

  • Coach ( suspension, with canopy )
  • Body ( representative )
  • Kremser ( covered wagon with benches as rental cars)
  • Cab and cab ( the horse-drawn forerunner of today's taxis)

Use of draft animals

  • Dishes ( draft animal )
  • Jochgeschirr
  • Horse collar harness
  • Strain
  • Horse and cart
  • Mule
  • Oxen
  • Dogs Cart