Wahb ibn 'Abd Manaf

Wahb ibn ʿ Abd Manaf ibn Zuhra ibn Kilab, Arabic وهب بن عبد مناف بن زهرة بن كلاب, DMG Wahb b. ʿ Abd Manaf b. Zuhra b. Kilab, was the maternal grandfather of Muhammad. He was in the first half of the 6th century, the leader ( sayyid ) of the Banū Zuhra in Mecca. The local historian al - Azraqi counts him among the distinguished people of the city (min ahl Ashraf Makka ). Amina bint Wahb His daughter married ʿ Abd Allāh ibn ʿ Abd al - Muttalib; from this marriage emerged Mohammed. At the same time, in the same family meetings ( Majlis ), married ʿ Abd al Muttalib ibn Hashim Hala, daughter of Amina's uncle ibn ʿ Abd Manaf Wuhaib; from this marriage was Hamza ibn ʿ Abd al - Muttalib, the uncle and foster-brother Mohammed, out.

About his life nothing is known. In Islamic literature he is mentioned only in connection with the marriage of his daughter Amina. His house was in Mecca, a short report in the history of the city of Mecca by al - According Azraqi, in the possession of the family of Umayya Banū. The genealogist Al- Baladhuri mentioned his name in the pedigree of ʿ Abd al - Muttalib ibn Hashim.