Delusion is a municipality in the district Schmalkalden- Meiningen in Thuringia. It belongs to the administrative community to Wasungen official sand, which has its headquarters in the city Wasungen.


Madness is in the valley of Katza in the front Rhön, around 12 kilometers from the district town of Meiningen.


For the first time the church was mentioned in the 9th century as Wanesdorf. The place was in the early Middle Ages to the penny Friedelhausen that the Bishopric of Würzburg fief went to 1297 or 1330 1335. By repeated pledges it came into the possession of the Counts of Henneberg. Around 1350, the town belonged to the Official sand. Around 1470 the place is said to have deserted location. Even the church was looted and was only renewed in 1584. Devastating impact did the Thirty Years War. In the three belonging to the parish Katz parishes 1634-1635 250 people died from the plague.

Delusion of persecution of witches was 1622-1677 affected: Two people got into witch trials of the trial of Valentin Dahn the output is unknown. Catharina Scharfenberg received in 1677 a church punishment.

1668, the village had 58 inhabitants again. For centuries, agriculture was the main source of income of the residents. With the industrial development in the nearby towns of Meiningen and Wasungen a majority of the population there was a job. 1708-1710 today, a listed church was built.

From 1829 to 1869, the village belonged to the administrative office Wasungen and then to the district in Meiningen Duchy of Saxe -Meiningen. From 1920, the village belonged to the Free State of Thuringia.


  • The fire brigade madness e.V.
  • Men singing "Edelweiss " delusion e.V.
  • Sports club " SV65 " delusion e.V.


The local council of delusion is composed of six council women and councilors.

  • BI 2 seats
  • FS 2 seats
  • FL 2 seats

(As at municipal election on June 27, 2004)

The honorary Mayor Susanne Rückert was elected on 27 June 2004.