Waivers (NHL)

Waiver is a name for a list in the North American Hockey League National Hockey League, are set to the players that a team would like to disconnect or to send a player to the farm team.


A team is a player on the waiver in order to separate from him, for example, if the player does not bring the desired performance or you want to make room in the squad or on the payroll. Players on the waiver may be required by other teams within 48 hours without a return is required. If two teams undertake the player so chooses the current score, who gets the player. Since the team's strengths in the NHL should be as balanced as possible, the team gets the player with the lower score.

Some players who you want to send into farm team, as they should gain match practice after an injury or because they were not needed at the time, must first be set to the waiver before they are allowed into the farm team. This applies to the following players:

  • Players that have played three years in the NHL since their first NHL contract
  • Players who have completed 180 or more games in the NHL

Of course, this scheme involves the risk that other teams within the 48 -hour deadline shall require the player from the waiver.


  • If a player who was already on the waiver before he moved to the farm team, again brought back to the NHL team, but then sent back to the farm team, he does not have the waiver, if he in time less than ten games has played for the NHL team or was less than 30 days in the NHL team.
  • If a player who was on the waiver, brought from the farm team back in the NHL squad and he has earned more than $ 75,000 at farm team, he must again be put on the waiver list before his return to the NHL team. If a new team undertake the player in time, the old team must continue to pay half of his salary.