Waking Up the Neighbours



Waking Up the Neighbours (English for "the neighbors wake up" ) is the sixth studio album by Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams. It is considered both as a best-selling album of the artist, as well as one of the most successful Canadian productions at all.


The album was released in late September 1991 and contains among other things the song ( Everything I Do ) I Do It for You, which became a worldwide hit and to this day is Adam's best-selling single. The song was the title song of the film Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves, starring Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman and Sean Connery. The song was written by Adams, Mutt Lange and Michael Kamen. The album was recorded over the years 1990 and 1991 in the Battery Studios (England) and The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. Producers were Bryan Adams and Robert John " Mutt" Lange, who had previously worked with bands such as AC / DC, Foreigner and Def Leppard.


The album was recorded in Canada next to the big sales success known by the flared on the album controversy over the "Canadian content " rules of the Canadian Radio - Television and Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC ). This states that a certain percentage must be broadcast by Canadian music in Canadian radio and television broadcasts. Since Waking Up the Neighbours was partially recorded in England and co-producer Mutt Lange comes from Zimbabwe, the album was not considered a purely Canadian production. Although one of the most successful albums by a Canadian artist worldwide, Waking Up the Neighbours was in Canada to the "Canadian content " scheme are not so often played as it was desired by the transmitters. The flared at this question armed with the result that the "Canadian content " rules of the CRTC has been relaxed. Meanwhile, it is foreign artists at least partially allowed to participate in Canadian productions, without that there are problems with the scheme.

Title list


In addition to ( Everything I Do ) I Do It for You Can not Stop This Thing We Started, Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven and There Will Never Be the songs Do I Have to Say the Words? , Touch the hand, were Another Tonight released as singles.



The band, who supported Bryan Adams, operated under the name " The Dudes of Leisure ". They consisted of:

  • Keith Scott - Guitar
  • Mickey Curry - drums
  • Dave Taylor - bass
  • Tommy Mandel - keyboards, Hammond organ

Guest musicians

The guest musicians were renamed under the name "The Honourary Dudes of Leisure" and consisted of:

  • Phil Nicholas - Keyboard
  • Robbie King - Hammond organ
  • Bill Payne - piano and Hammond organ
  • Larry Klein - Bass
  • Ed Shearmur - Keyboard
  • The Tuck Back Twins - background vocals
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