Waldbrunn, Bavaria

Forest Brunn is a municipality in the Lower Franconian district of Würzburg.

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Forest Brunn is located about twelve kilometers west of Würzburg. There is only the district forest Brunn. It is bordered by Hochberg and Eisingen, both district of Würzburg.


The village name is first attested in 1164 as " Walbrunnen " in a document. As part of the Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg ( monastery upper cell ), which belonged to the Frankish Empire Circle, Forest Brunn was secularized in 1803 in Bavaria's favor, then the Peace of Pressburg (1805 ) Archduke Ferdinand of Tuscany left to form the Grand Duchy of Würzburg, with which it finally fell to Bavaria in 1814.

Population Development


From 2002 to 2008, Ludwig Götzelmann ( UBG ) mayor, he became in 2002 the successor of Arnulf Wilhelm ( Independent community of citizens ). Since May 1, 2008 will be the successor Hans Fiederling is ( Independent community of citizens ).

Culture and sights


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Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

It was in 1998 according to official statistics in the manufacturing sector and 73 in the area of ​​trade and transport 122 persons work at the workplace. In other areas, were employed to social security at the workplace 95 people. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 919 in the manufacturing sector there were 4 businesses in the construction sector 0 companies. In addition, in 1999, there were 11 farms with an agricultural area of ​​243 hectares, of which 228 were arable land and 14 permanent grassland.


There is road access to the motorway from Frankfurt to Wurzburg 3: junction city helmet and a direct bus to Würzburg. Forest Brunn is linked to several on local bike trails: Romantic Road, Aalbachtalradweg and Würzburg - Wertheim.


There are the following facilities (as of 2013):

  • Daycare: 100 kindergarten places
  • Primary school