The Walibi Group is a theme park chain of Grevin & Cie, belong to the parks in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.


The first park today Walibi Group was an amusement park in the local triangle Wavre, Limal and Bierges, the 1975 Eddy Meeùs founded. The name of the park was due to its location in the triangle and was simply composed of the first two letters of each place. The mascot of the Walibi parks was the opening of an identically- orange kangaroo. From the late 1980s to the actual park group was created through the acquisition of parks to life. First, the French Walibi Rhône -Alpes ( Les Avenières, 1989), Walibi Smurf (Metz, 1990) and Walibi Aquitaine were ( Roquefort, 1992) acquired before 1994 with the Flevohof ( Biddinghuizen ) bought a Dutch park and remodeled in Walibi Flevo been. Furthermore, it was taken over in 1990, the Belgian Bellewaerde Park ( Ieper ), but continued under the old name.

In addition to classic amusement parks also included the 1989 Mini Europe from 1992 to the indoor water park Océade each to 1998 to the group.

In the course of entry into the European business of US-based Premier Parks (later Six Flags ) in 1998, the Walibi parks sold. Under the new owners, the group has continued with other parks as " Six Flags European Division " and " Wavre " and " Flevo " converted to the Six Flags brand. During this time, Schtroumpf was renamed by the loss of his Smurf licenses in Walibi Lorraine.

2004 increased from Six Flags from the European market and sold the farm to the British investment company Palamon Capital Partners, continued the group under the name Star Park and Six Flags parks rebuilt again in Walibi parks.

In 2006, Palamon sold the parks listed except "Lorraine" to the French chain Grevin & Cie, who continue the name. Walibi Lorraine was taken over by regional investors, who renamed it the 2007 season in Walygator Park.

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