Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn ( born November 12, 1943 in New York) is an American actor, director in theater, film and television, as well as author.


Wallace Shawn studied at Harvard and Oxford philosophy, history and politics. He initially became known as an author of numerous plays, the most famous was the fever. For the filming of The Fever Shawn also wrote the screenplay. As an actor, he made his debut in 1979 in Manhattan, directed by Woody Allen. He subsequently starred in many comedy and character roles. On television, Shawn had, among other guest roles on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the Cosby Show and Crossing Jordan.

The father of Wallace Shawn, William Shawn, was editor of the magazine The New Yorker 1952-1987. His brother Allen Shawn is a well-known composer.

Filmography (selection)

Works (selection)

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