53.423333333333 - 3.0647222222222Koordinaten: 53 ° 25 ' N, 3 ° 4' W

Wallasey is a town in the west of England at the tip of the Wirral peninsula at the mouth of the Mersey opposite the city of Liverpool, the Wallasey completed by 1934 Queensway Tunnel and Kingsway Tunnel, built in 1971 can be achieved. Wallasey created by the merger of the municipalities Liscard, Seacombe, Egremont, New Brighton, Wallasey Village and Poulton. Liscard is the main business district. Wallasey has about 59,000 inhabitants.


The exact origin of the name is uncertain. Maybe it comes from the Germanic Walha = stranger, the also the name for Wales underlying (see also the German word " welsch "). In the district of New Brighton, which was created after 1830 on the site of a ferry crossing to Liverpool, was from 1898 until its demolition in 1921 the tallest building in Britain, the nearly 173 -meter-high New Brighton Tower. At that time New Brighton is one of the most popular resorts on the west coast of England, but was overtaken after the Second World War from other places such as Blackpool and Southport. The ferry service to Liverpool was set in 1969. Built in the 1860s pier was canceled in 1978.

In the district of Wallasey is the Fort Perchrock and Liscard Battery, designed to protect the Mersey Estuary.

Municipal outline

Administratively, Wallasey part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral, which forms the left side of the Mersey park of the metropolitan county of Merseyside in 1974 furnished. Previously, the city belonged to the county of Cheshire.


Wallasey is associated since 1971 with the Liverpool city center through the Kingsway Tunnel. Since 1934, existed the Queensway tunnel, but the crosses under just south of Wallasey Birkenhead at the Mersey. In Wallasey highway M 53, which connects the city with Chester, where connection is made to the M 56 Manchester starts.

Wallasey has three railway stations: Wallasey Village, Wallasey Grove Road and New Brighton. Connections to Liverpool and Birkenhead are made every 15 minutes. At Grove Road Station there is a big park and ride parking. A previously existing railway line from Seacombe & Egremont Railway Station to Birkenhead and Liverpool was set in 1960.

From the bus station in Liscard buses at 15- minute intervals through the Kingsway Tunnel to Liverpool. Other buses connect Wallasey with the surrounding communities in Wirral.


  • Walter McLennan Citrine (1887-1983), trade unionist and politician
  • Colin Muir Barber (1897-1964), Officer
  • Malcolm Lowry (1909-1957), writer
  • Charles Crichton (1910-1999), Film Director
  • Leslie Graham (1911-1953), motorcycle racer
  • Deryck Guyler (1914-1999), actor and comedian
  • Graham Stark (1922-2013), actor
  • Raymond Moore (1920-1987), Photographer
  • Frank Parr (1928-2012), jazz musician and cricketer
  • Dickie Davies ( born 1933), sports journalist, grew up in Wallasey
  • Ralph Steadman ( b. 1936 ), a cartoonist
  • Lindsay Owen -Jones, ( born 1946 ), manager and racing driver
  • Geoffrey Hughes (1944-2012), actor
  • Alan Rouse (1951-1986), mountaineer, the first Briton on the K2
  • Nigel Olsson ( born 1944 ), drummer
  • Austin Healey (born 1973 ), rugby players
  • Louise Delamere ( born 1974 ), actress, grew up in Wallasey
  • Jenny Frost (born 1978 ), singer, former member of the girl group Atomic Kitten
  • Simon " Sice " Rowbottom and Timothy Brown, members of the group, The Boo Radleys
  • Jay Spearing (* 1988), football player
  • Location in Merseyside
  • Wirral