Walter Eschweiler

Walter Eschweiler ( born September 20, 1935 in Bonn ) is a former German football referee. Eschweiler whistled several times European Cup final and ran a game at the 1982 World Cup.

Whistle of the nation

Walter Eschweiler was one of the 1975 feature - until the early 1990s, Germany's most famous referees in football, nationally and internationally. He attained to a well known through his role as arbitrator in by the West German Radio in the 1960s to the 1980s produced game show game without boundaries, as well as a commercial for the brand chewy Maoam. On the other hand, it can also refer to an impressive national and international use statistics. As a longtime Bundesliga ( since 1966) and FIFA referee (since 1971) he whistled 154 Bundesliga games, numerous international matches and some European games, including three Final pairings. In addition, Walter Eschweiler initiated in 1974, the first cup final in the German women's football.

Highlights were the management of the UEFA Super Cup 1980 match between FC Barcelona and Nottingham Forest, the final leg of the UEFA Cup in 1980/81 between AZ 67 Alkmaar and Ipswich Town and the final of the European Cup Winners' Cup 1981/82 match between FC Barcelona and standard Liege.

With the Football World Cup 1982 he was employed as a referee and initiated on 18 June, the game Italy - Peru (1-1). International reputation and he reached involuntarily when he was accidentally run over by the Peruvian José Velásquez during the encounter. Eschweiler fell backwards; his pipe and playing cards flew in a high arc on the lawn. He was then treated briefly and finally whistled the game over. Other highlights include Eschweiler Referee intervention in so far 14 games farewell, from, among others, Franz Beckenbauer, Uwe Seeler, Sepp Maier, Horst -Dieter Höttges, Pele, Hermann Ohlicher, Dino Zoff and Ronnie Hellström.

Sports diplomat

Eschweiler worked as a trained diplomat with the rank of consul since 1958 in the Foreign Office.

Since 1986 he has worked as a sports representative in the Office for International Sports Relations: He advises athletes and large organizations (IOC, FIFA, UEFA, DFB, DOSB etc. ), makes people acquainted with each other from sports and politics. His responsibilities are large events, trips abroad or even athletes transfers. Only for celebrities games he still acts about 20 times a year as a referee.


Eschweiler committed today as a sympathizer of Bayer 04 Leverkusen.