Walter Goetze

Walter Wilhelm Goetze ( born April 17, 1883 in Berlin, † March 24, 1961 ) was a German composer of operettas.


Walter Wilhelm Goetze was born the son of a Ministerialdirigenten in Berlin. The musical talent had been put to him by his father in the cradle; because even this had been an ardent music lover. After high school, it was soon clear for Goetze that came in only one study of music in question. In the Wagnerian Oskar Möricke he found his teacher. After he finished his studies, he was an orchestral musician at Berlin cabaret " Pêle - mêle ". The second stage of his career led him to Berlin " intimate theater ", where he successfully stepped into the public spotlight for the first time as a composer of chansons. Many of them, he took later in his stage works.

Then Goetze found as Kapellmeister at various city theaters employment and composed on the side. After a few years he could afford to abandon its commitment and to live as a freelance composer of the fees.

1911 premiered in Hamburg his aviator Posse parquet seat No. 10. The real success but turned only his second work for the stage one, the farce with music in three acts do not push Only, in his hometown for the first time walked across the stage in 1912. From now on, followed almost every year one or two new works for the stage, it was mainly operettas.

The most successful of these was Her Highness - the dancer, the " Song of the weak hour or so ." In Berlin alone, this work was performed almost 700 times in a row, but is almost forgotten today. But one still knows his operettas Adrienne with the snappy " brandy song" and The Golden Pierrot who make it every now and then, to be performed at a city theater or on a stage tour.

Goetze's intention was to refine the Berlin operetta and refine what is partially well succeeded him. The most fertile it was the collaboration with the librettist Richard bars and Oscar Felix. For the music of Goetze is especially the conductor Franz Marszalek at the WDR Cologne has used with exemplary recordings.

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