Walther-Schreiber-Platz (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Walther- Schreiber-Platz is a station of the Berlin U- Bahn line 9 on the border of the district Friedenau in Tempelhof- Schöneberg district of Steglitz for in the Steglitz- Zehlendorf. The built 1967-1969 Station is completely under the opening into the Walther- Schreiber-Platz Federal Ave. In the immediate vicinity are the Castle Street Centre (SSC ) and the Forum Steglitz. The station was opened on 29 January 1971 to September 1974 formed the southern terminus of that line 9

History and Structure

The station was designed as a V-shaped transfer point between the metro line 9 and so far only the configured line 10, which should bifurcate at the Walther- Schreiber-Platz. The platform of line 10 under the Rhine road was not built.

The station was designed by the then Senate Building Director Rainer G. Rümmler. Rümmler designed a typical Berlin U -Bahn station in the 1970s with a nine -meter wide and 110 meter long central platform and a row of columns in the middle. The walls are covered with blue Eternit plates and the supports with silver-gray aluminum. The design thus resembles the same time also designed by Rümmler subway stations Eisenacherstraße and Bayerischer Platz subway line U7. The formerly executed in asphalt platform was until 2009 light gray tiled with granite and provided with a blind control system. The two access floors are tiled yellow- green. The distribution level in the south was rebuilt in the course of the construction of the Castle Street Centre in late 2005 and received while a direct access to the shopping center.


At the metro station is a transfer possibility of the U9 to several bus lines of the Berlin Transport Authority.