Wander Johannes de Haas

Hiking Johannes de Haas ( * March 2, 1878 in Lisse near Leiden, † April 26, 1960 in Bilthoven ) was a Dutch physicist and mathematician.

After he had given up his initial plan to become a notary, de Haas studied at Leiden physics. There he was an assistant to Heike Kamerlingh Onnes received his doctorate with him in 1912 on the compressibility of hydrogen at and below the boiling point. In 1911 he went to Berlin, where he studied the magnetism. As a research assistant at the local Physico- Technical Institute did the collaboration with Albert Einstein, which led to the detection of the so-called Einstein-de Haas effect in 1915. After returning to the Netherlands he became curator in 1916 of a foundation, in 1917 Professor of Physics at the Technical University of Delft, 1922 then at the University of Groningen in 1925 at the University Leiden. He was successor of his PhD and director of the Kamerlingh Onnes - Institute.

With the end because as a visiting scientist in Leiden Russian physicist Lev Vasilyevich Shubnikov he discovered in the 1920s, the Shubnikov - de Haas effect.

De Haas was son of the physicist Hendrik Lorentz.