Wang, Bavaria

Wang is a rural community in the Upper Bavarian district of Freising. The eponymous capital of Wang is at the confluence of Amper and Isar. The municipality is a member of the administrative community walls.

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This an area of ​​31.19 km ² comprehensive long-range area extends from the eastern Volkmannsdorferau on the confluence of the River Isar and Amper in a westerly direction to the municipality of Zolling.

Community members are mountains, castle strike, thorn Haselbach, Einhausen, Grub, Hagsdorf, Holzdobl, Holzerhof, Inzkofen, Isareck, Lower Village, Pfettrach, Swiss former village, check Mayrhofen, impact, Schoeneck, Sixt Haselbach, Spörerau, valley stream, Thulbach, Volkmannsdorf, Volkmannsdorferau, Weghausen, Wittibsmühle and Zieglberg.

When the district Volkmannsdorferau is the 1.16 km ² Moosburg balancing pond which is part of the nature reserve Vogelfreistätte Mean Isar reservoirs.


The village was first mentioned in 783. The territory of the municipality belonged to the office or to rule Isareck. The rule came probably the Earl of Moosburg to the Wittelsbach family. The present castle was built in the years 1559-1570 from the Moosburg builder Asmus Hälmayr for Duke Albrecht V as four wings and is since 1824 owned by the Counts of La Rosee. Wang was, just as the church today parts Swiss former village, Inzkofen and Volkmannsdorferau in the course of administrative reform in Bavaria in 1818 an independent municipality.


Catholic parishes in the municipal area are St. Lawrence ( Volkmannsdorf ) and St. Peter ( former Swiss village), both of which belong to Pfarrverband walls. An Evangelical Lutheran church is found in the neighboring Moosburg.


On April 1, 1971, part of the dissolved municipality Swiss former village was incorporated. Volkmannsdorferau joined them on 1 January 1972. Inzkofen followed on 1 May 1978.

Cessions of territory

On 1 May 1978 the settlement Uppenbornstraße, which belonged to the municipality Volkmannsdorferau previously ceded to the city of Moosburg an der Isar.


Parish council

The council consists of 14 active volunteers, who were elected at the municipal election of 2 March 2008, as follows distribute to the individual lists:


In the mayoral election in 2008 Hans Eichinger was elected with 57.64 % of votes cast.

Culture and sights

Situated on the River Isar Isareck castle was built by Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria in the 16th century. Since 1824 it is owned by the Counts of La Rosee.

Church buildings are, inter alia,

  • Parish church of St. Lawrence ( Volkmannsdorf )
  • Branch Church of St. John the Baptist (Wang )
  • Parish Church of St. Peter ( Swiss former village)