Wapel (Jade)


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The Wapel is a left-sided, western tributary of the Jade in Northern Germany. It starts as a confluence of several trenches in the area of ​​settlements Grünenkamp, town of Varel, and Conneforde, community Wiefelstede, on the border of the districts of Friesland and Ammer country. It flows in an easterly direction, passes under it the A 29 and flows Wapelersiel in the jade, which flows into the Jade Bay.

The Wapel only serves to irrigation and drainage as well as a fishing spot. With the appropriate water level can be driven with canoes and kayaks.

The Wapel forms in parts of its course the boundary between the district of Friesland in the north and the districts Ammer country and Weser march in the south.

Even in the 11th century drained the Wapel (then known as Wepeling ) south of the Frisian Gaus Rüstringen up to its confluence with the Weser. This relationship was interrupted in 1219 by the First Marcellus. At that time, formed the tidal tube jade, in the bed of the present river Jade runs.