Warburg Dillon Read

Warburg Dillon Read was briefly the brand name of the Investment Banking division of the former Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC ) and the later UBS.

When the SBC 1995, the investment bank SG Founded in 1934 Warburg Plc. took over in London, he changed its name to " SBC Warburg - A Division of Swiss Bank Corporation " and integrated it as corporate investment banking division in the company.

In 1997, the SBC took over, which was established, long-established in 1832 New York investment bank Dillon, Read & Co. and integrated them into the existing division SBC Warburg, which was renamed SBC Warburg Dillon Read.

With the 1998 merger of Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC ) with the former Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS ) to UBS, the newly formed UBS was structured in five divisions. The Investment Banking division was out there under the brand name Warburg Dillon Read.

The beginning of 2000, UBS announced a new business structure, consisting of the three groups of companies UBS Switzerland, UBS Asset Management and UBS Warburg. Thus, the surname Dillon Read disappeared.

In June 2003, UBS launched the unified brand under which the Bank will henceforth be presented worldwide as a company. Thus the name of Warburg disappeared from the appearance of UBS.