The heat (also called Warm Bach ) is a 33.1 km long, right side or south-southeast tributary of the Diemel in northern Hesse Kassel district.


The heat rises in the rear hawk forests hilltops in the community look at Castle Martin Hagen. Your source lies in the nature park Hawk Forest on the eastern slope of Mount Watt ( 516.2 m above sea level. NHN ) to about 414 m altitude.

After her short Quellauf eastbound the heat flows in the hawk forests Bergland, a part of the West Hessian highlands, north through the woods hawk Valley agricultural. It controls the east at the rear hawk forests peaks with the Great Bear Mountain ( 600.7 m ) and each west on High Hawk Forest with the High Grass ( 614.8 m) and the slightly north of it natural environment Dörnberg and terror mountains with the High Dörnberg ( 578, 7 m) by. They happened in the hawk forests Ehlen Valley just west of and belonging to this village Good Bodenhausen east and flows after passing under the railway line of the Warmetalviadukts Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar the core city of Zierenberg.

North Grace Berg, the hawk woods Valley narrows gradually, and the heat flows there only east of the rear hawk forests hills and west of the natural environment Dörnberg and terror mountains to the east and then in times Burger forest through the northern Grace Berger districts Laar and Hohenborn. Then she leaves the West Hessian mountain country and the nature park Hawk Forest about 1 km north-east High Borns.

In the lower reaches through the belonging to the Lower Saxony Bergland Bever plates, the heat flows through a broad valley between Upper and Lower Meiser, where at Obermeiser of Southeast zoom flowing fog Beeke and opens near the standing at the Warm Fuchsmühle at low Meiser the coming of the West Ruhr river.

Further north, the heat flows through dwarves to open after subsequent crossing under the main road 3210 ( Liebenaus Ostheim ) and the railway line Kassel- Warburg at around 140 m altitude in the coming there from southwest Diemel; about 150 meters west of its mouth is at the Diemel belonging to Liebenau Hünscheburg.

Catchment and inflows

The catchment area of the heat is 157.311 km ². Its tributaries include with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length, Mündungsort with Warm Bach kilometers and - if known - catchment size ( downriver considered ):

  • Southern Bach from vinegar hill (r; 3.5 kilometers ) above Ehlen (near km 30 )
  • Northern brook from the mountain vinegar (r, 3.3 km), Ehlen (near 28.25 km )
  • Burghasunger Bach ( l, 2.2 miles), just below Ehlen (near km 27.7 ), 3.154 km ²
  • Lubach (r; 4.9 km ), some above Zierenberg (near km 23.7 ), 8.842 km ²
  • Bach deserted village of Rohrbach I ( l; 1,8 km), some above Zierenberg (near km 23.5 ) Bach deserted village of Rohrbach II (r; 2.6 km ), inflow of "I" (near Bach -I 0.1 km )


The headwaters of the Warm lies on the watershed of Fulda and Diemel, which is part of the Diemel-Eder/Fulda/Weser-Wasserscheide: While the heat that flows in a northerly direction, drained by the Diemel into the Weser, makes the Ems, the further south rises on the upper shelf of Martin Hagen and predominantly southeastward runs, a detour on the Eder and Fulda to the Weser.


Other attractions on or near the heat include not only the scenery of the forest hawk:

  • Big Bear Mountain - Bear Mountain with a lookout tower
  • High Dörnberg - with side peaks - as a " mountain view "
  • Zierenberg - with a medieval core city

Hiking and cycling

  • Some of the heat is accompanied by Löwenweg and fairy land and in some crosses.
  • Between the homestead group Bodenhausen and the hawk stone path leads the students through the creek.
  • Along the Warm leads, sometimes this and sometimes on the other side of the creek, which Warmetal bike path.