Warta in Wronki, Poland

Location of the Warta river in the Polish system

The Warta (Polish Warta ) is a right tributary of the Oder in Poland.

About half of the Warta River is navigable. At the mouth of the Warta Mouth National Park was established in 2001. The Warta is the namesake for the younger stage of the Saale ice age, during which was created especially the Southern country back. Warta and Vistula found as a result of the third partition of Poland as freedom input symbols in the Polish national anthem Mazurek Dąbrowskiego.


The Warta River rises in the Krakow -Czestochowa Jura in Silesia east of the city Zawiercie ( Warthenau ) and south of Częstochowa ( Czestochowa ), flows through the plains of Great Poland and Lubusz Voivodeship and flows Kuestrin (Polish Kostrzyn nad Odra ) in the Oder. It is the largest tributary of the Oder and at their confluence even longer than the main river. However, it is significantly lower in water content than the Or because their catchment area is located almost exclusively in the relatively dry Polish Lowland.