Wat Aranyik

The Wat Aranyik ( Thai: วัด อรัญญิก, about: Monastery of the forest monks ) is a Buddhist temple ( wat ) in the city of Phitsanulok in northern Thailand.


Wat Aranyik is not far from the shores of Maenam Nan ( Nan River ) to Phaya Suea - road, about a kilometer away from the city's fortifications. Nearby Naresuan Shrine is honor of King Naresuan.

Architectural History

The Aranyik Wat was built during the time of the Kingdom of Sukhothai. From this time, but are only foundations to see. In addition, a modern monastery was built. The grounds of the old temple can still be seen today, although only the foundation walls are visible. A historic chedi still stands, along with some Buddha statues.


The site of the ancient temple is surrounded by a rectangular, 147 meters * 210 meters wide moat. At the center are the remains of an ancient chedi in Sri Lankan style, which dates from the late Sukhothai period. The base is a square with a side length of 14.8 meters. Around him were originally the front halves of 68 elephant statues, only some of which have stood the test of time. East of the Chedi of the floor plan of eight viharn can be seen that by a gallery ( Phra Rabieng ) were connected. West of the Chedi was a ubosot whose simple Bai Sema are partly preserved. From ubosot still stands his pedestal on which today are a Buddha statue made of sandstone and some statues of modern times. Also west of the chedi the ruins of two Mondop are seen.