Water polo at the 1900 Summer Olympics

The in the French capital Paris as part of the World's Fair ( Exposition Universelle et Internationale de Paris) discharged International competitions for Physical Education and Sport ( Concours Internationaux d' Exercices Physiques et de Sports ) included also a competitive water polo, which is part of the Summer Olympics 1900 ( Games of the II Olympiad ) was.

Water polo was a still. During this period in the development begriffener sport which had as an independent sport with most swimming clubs and associations, with the exception of the British Association, no recognition So it was not surprising when the teams mainly consisted of swimmers who operated the water polo game only in passing. The recognized by the IOC Olympic water polo tournament was therefore at that time regarded as just another discipline of the swimming competitions.

All team competitions in the world exhibition were not intended as a national ranking, but advertised for a club or association teams in international competitions representing the country in general, in which the association or federation was established. It was not this considered a hindrance when in a club and athletes of other nationalities were represented. Also, the replacement of the player was not subject to clear rules, so that the number of players up to now the Sports historians is controversial among the various teams. The IOC has officially assigned to each team with 7 players name, actually 58 players were involved, however, or at least reported.

Contrary to the other team competitions, in which the individual games were considered to be equivalent, it was in the water ball around a tournament. The participants were 7 teams. All games were held on two days, the 11th and 12th of August in the open water in a flood basin of the Seine at Asnieres -sur -Seine.

Date: 11:08. and 12:08.

In addition to the five British and three Belgian players who does not list the IOC, French players were four more not listed by the IOC involved.

19 used players (14 French, three German and a Briton ) also participated in swimming competitions. Six other swimmers (two French and four British ) were also in the squad 's water polo teams, but it is uncertain whether these really were used. This includes John Jarvis, he is therefore also performed in the winners' list with his two victories in swimming. The Briton Peter Kemp and the two Frenchmen Louis Martin and Désiré Merchez are thus the only ones that could be officially medalist in both competitions.

For the French club Pupilles de Neptune de Lille was attended by two teams, while the players Favier, Leriche and Charles Treffel were used in two teams.

No one had thought in the early days of the Olympic Games to a national ranking or a medal. This usually leads to the fact that teams with athletes of different nationalities by the IOC are considered as Mixed teams. The placement of the water polo team of Libelulle de Paris, in whose ranks the Briton Thomas W. Burgess was involved, the IOC has the refrain, however, because you mistakenly lists him as French. Burgess was a known channel swimmer and therefore held regularly for a long time in France and was a member of the swimming club said Paris. There are quite filings with the historically correct facts changed accordingly there arises also the statistics and medal table dar.