Waterberg National Park

Aerial view of the Waterberg Plateau of East / South - East

The Waterberg is a striking Table Mountain in Namibia, north of Windhoek, is about 48 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide and dominates its surroundings by almost 200 meters. Today, a national park is set up on the 40,500 -acre plateau of the Waterberg and around it, where you can take a guided hiking trips. The Namibian government in 1989, the Waterberg Camp (formerly Bernabé de la Bat Camp ) for tourists set up around the former German police station, which is now operated by Namibia Wildlife Resorts.

Particularly well known the place was the battle of Waterberg on August 11th and 12th, 1904 during the uprising of the Herero.


The Waterberg was originally together with the 70 km southwest lying Etjo ( 2082 m) and a few kilometers south of the Waterberg lying small Waterberg (1930 m) part of a much larger plateau, which deposited before 120-190 million years ago in the Karoo - time been. 150 million years ago the area was raised and the surrounding softer rock weathering solved the on.

Soft and firm sands on an impermeable material, which is somewhat higher than the surrounding terrain, which form the basis for the diverse habitats at the Waterberg. The sandstone takes the rain like a sponge. The water trickles down and occurs at the edge of gently sloping to the southeast boundary layer on sources from again.

IUCN Category II - National Park

Waterberg Plateau View from campsite

Flora and Fauna

The nature reserve was created to protect the eland. Through resettlement today there is also the two occurring in Namibia species of rhinoceros, wide mouth and black rhino, the African buffalo, the black horse, equine and Topi and leopards and cheetahs. The nature is very diverse: 90 mammal species, over 200 species of birds, 13 frogs, 3 turtles, 34 lizards, 45 snakes, 140 lichens and 497 plant species have been observed here.

The vegetation in the park consists of bush and tree savanna.


Cliffs at Mountain View Lookout

View from the edge of the plateau to the east

View from the Mountain View road to Waterberg

View of the western section of the plateau