1137 tried MacMurchada Diarmaid, King of Leinster, Waterford vain to conquer. He followed the plan to bring the great centers of Ireland under his control, to substantiate its claim to be the Great King. 1170 to MacMurchada allied ( called Strongbow ), the Earl of Pembroke sent and Waterford besieged by the English crown which Richard de Clare. After vigorous resistance, the city fell. 1171 sat King Henry II of England the first English king to set foot on Irish soil. It came with a large fleet to Waterford to prevent a Norman kingdom emerged in Ireland in competition with England. Instead, he wanted to achieve that Ireland was a British colony. Dublin and Waterford were declared royal cities, which were subject to the king directly.

In the Middle Ages Waterford to Dublin was the second most important city in Ireland. The Great Parchment Book (1361-1649) embodies the earliest use of English as the official language in Ireland. In the 15th century Waterford resistant Aufrühreren and two pretenders to the English throne, Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck. After that, the city of King Henry VII was their motto Urbs Intacta Manet Waterfordia ( " Waterford remains the untaken city ").

Despite the English schism Waterford remained a Catholic city and business in the confederation of Kilkenny detachment from English rule. These efforts were terminated by Oliver Cromwell, who brought the whole of Ireland again firmly under English rule. His son Henry Ireton captured Waterford 1651st

The 18th century was a heyday in Waterford. Most of the important buildings date from this period. The trade, especially with Newfoundland, brought wealth to the city. In the 19th century settled in glass and shipbuilding industries.


The Mayor ( Mayor ) of Waterford is elected annually in June by the City Council ( City Council). Since June 2009, the non-party John Halligan has served as mayor. The City Council is elected for five years. The last election was held on June 5, 2009.



The most well-known goods, the city is the Waterford Crystal glass manufactory which was founded in 1783 in Waterford. By attracting companies to global companies located in the east of the city industrial area, many new jobs were created. Important employer was Sanofi-Aventis to the end of 2007, and today AOL and Bausch & Lomb.


To the west of the city lies the Waterford Institute of Technology, which is one of the largest in a group of 13 other universities.

Traffic routes

Waterford can be reached via two national roads, the N24 and the N25/E30. The N25 leads from the major governing the trade port of Rosslare Harbour in the east Wexford and Waterford in the direction of Cork. The N24 runs from northwest to Clonmel Waterford and Tipperary. About the branching of their N9 you get to Dublin. For the highways, a new ring road is completed in 2009. The lying to the west of the city of River Suir Bridge is with a length of 465 meters, the most expensive bridge construction.

For tourists Waterford can be reached from Dublin either by train or by well-developed bus network in Ireland. In addition to the state bus company Bus Éireann provides example the private providers JJ Kavanagh & Sons Ltd.. direct connections between the two cities. Sailors can reach across the estuary of the River Suir and invest in Waterford Harbour Waterford.

Surrounding area and attractions

In the surrounding area there are three rivers, which are called The Three Sisters: The rivers Barrow, Nore and Suir. They contribute significantly to the landscape and unite the east of Waterford to a stream which flows a few kilometers further into the Atlantic. Beach resorts in the surroundings of Waterford are located in the south, very well-developed tourist place Tramore and a little further to the east lies Dunmore East. If you want to explore the region beyond the River Nore created by the natural border in the east, so you can cross it on the N25 in New Ross, or shorten the path via a ferry at Passage East. This offers the possibility of the John F. Kennedy Park to visit ( an arboretum ), or take a trip to the Hook Head Peninsula. Other attractions in the surroundings of Waterford are the towns of Kilkenny and New Ross and the Rock of Cashel, a medieval castle.

For the pictorial presentation of the city's history Waterford has an excellent designed, modern and child-friendly time- history museum. At various points of the city region also has remains of the old city fortifications, the Waterford in the Middle Ages from the harbor protected from attack.

The city of Waterford combines the traditional Irish design with modern elements and offers good places to shop and to enjoy themselves. In addition to classic pubs some nightclubs have become established in recent years.

Twin Cities

  • Canada St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
  • United States Rochester, New York, USA
  • France Saint- Herblain near Nantes, France ( since 1982)

Sons and daughters of the town

  • John Charles Ardagh (1840-1907), officer, military architect, a lawyer and colonial administrator
  • John J. Hearne (1893-1969), diplomat and constitutional lawyer
  • Noel Browne (1915-1997), politician of several parties
  • Louis Stewart ( born 1944 ), jazz guitarist
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan ( born 1946 ), singer and songwriter
  • Sean Kelly ( b. 1956 ), cyclist
  • Declan de Barra ( * 19 **), singer-songwriter
  • Ciaran Power (born 1976 ), cyclist
  • John O'Shea ( born 1981 ), football player