Waterloo (Hanover Stadtbahn station)

The underground station Waterloo is a subway station on the A line of the Hanover Stadtbahn. The four-track branch station is located under the eponymous Waterloo Square in Hannover district Calenberger Neustadt. Here the trains of lines 3, 7 and 9 and in the rush hour traffic and the night star the line 10


On November 16, began in 1965 at the Waterloo site of the construction of the Hanover Stadtbahn. A short time later the work rested again due to financing problems. After the federal government since 1967, projects to improve the traffic conditions of the communities with funded, have started to work again. 1972 could take place between Gustav Bratke Avenue and Kroepcke first test drives in the A- tunnel.

According to the original subway plans should the tunnel sections A and A -South - West to be continued from the station Waterloo later. Moreover, it should create a subterranean reversing facility. In view of these plans some Bauvorleistungen were created during the construction of the station, which can be seen in the southern part of the station.

On September 28, 1975, the first tram line was opened on 12 Waterloo from Central Station to Oberricklingen. Initially, only the two inner tracks of the station were used, which led to the ramp in the Gustav- Bratke Ave. 1979 A- West route toward Empelde was also connected via the ramp to the tunnel. For this was the line 19, which was later renamed to 9.

In 1999, the two outer tracks were put into operation with the construction of the clasp Legion Bridge. The lines 3 and 7 resulted no longer about Black Bear but you directly to the hospital Siloam (now Allerweg ). From the original plan of the underground continuation of the route it was moved away and instead had the Ihme crossed by a bridge. During construction of the extension of a constructed provisions was created in the form of a short tunnel piece again. This makes it possible to move the A- West route one day in a tunnel by Linden-Mitte.


The station has two directional platforms. In the two inner rails keep the trains running on the ramp Gustav Bratke Avenue to Linden - Mitte or the depot Glocksee or come from there. The trains to and from Rickingen use the two outer tracks that lead to the ramp at the Legion Bridge. The next stop for the city center 's indoor market / parliament, out of town following the A -South Allerweg the stop and on the A-West stop the Black Bear. Lanes traveling in the direction Glocksee, keep next to the bus stop Humboldtstrasse.

The hitherto largely unadorned concrete walls of the finished under great pressure underground station will be completely renovated and equipped with figures and plates to the city's history.