Waterloo tube station

Waterloo is an underground station of the London Underground in the London Borough of Lambeth. It is located under the main station Waterloo in Travelcard Zone 1 and is the intersection of the following four lines: Northern, Bakerloo, Jubilee Line and Waterloo & City Line. In 2011, 84.12 million passengers used the station, making it the second most frequented of the entire network.


The first underground station in Waterloo was opened on August 8, 1898 by the Waterloo & City Railway ( W & CR, today's Waterloo & City Line ), a subsidiary of the London and South Western Railway (L & SWR ) was in possession of the main train station above it. The leading bank by W & CR, jokingly referred to as The Drain ( " drain " ), was created as a replacement for the original plans of the L & SWR. The company had planned their main route leading to the City of London, which had been her but refused in 1846.

On 10 March 1906, the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway ( BS & WR, today Bakerloo Line) their regular route. On September 13, 1926, the extension of the Hampstead & Highgate Line was ( as the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line route was then called ) taken between Embankment and Kennington in operation.

As a subsidiary of L & SWR and its successor, the Southern Railway W & CR was not part of London Underground network. After the nationalization of the railways in 1948, this route was owned by British Railways (later British Rail ) above. From late May to mid- July 1993, this part of the station was closed in order to adapt the current system this route to that of the other subway lines. On 1 April 1994, the track went into the possession of the London Underground, five days later the reopening of the line to the bank.

The station of the Jubilee Line was opened on 24 September 1999, as part of the extension to the Docklands and Stratford. Waterloo was temporarily the western terminus of the line, by the time the last remaining section to Green Park on 20 November 1999. Platforms of the Jubilee Line have platform screen doors and are connected via a 140 meter-long moving walkway with the older part of the station.