Wattenbek is a municipality in Neumünster, Rendsburg -Eckernförde district in Schleswig -Holstein and is with about 2800 inhabitants, the largest municipality of the Office Bordesholm country.

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Geography and transport

Wattenbek situated about ten kilometers north of Neumünster in a rural environment. West extend the federal highway 215 from Neumünster to Kiel and the Federal Highway 7, which provides a port in Flensburg, Denmark and Hamburg. To the east is the federal highway 404 from Bad Segeberg to Kiel. Due to its very good Verkehrsanbdindung and easy accessibility (also by a railway connection ) Wattenbek is very popular as a place of residence.

A part of the nature reserve Dosenmoor located in the municipality and occupies a supra-regional importance for walkers and cyclists, since it is one of the few raised bogs.


There are two theories as to how the first time in 1220 mentioned name of the place has developed. One approach goes back to Thietbernus v. Wakenbek, who settled in the area of the present village. Over time was then removed from the name Wakenbek Wattenbek.

The other approach for the names origin goes back to a stream ( Low German " Bek "). " Watten " means " shallow place in a stream or river ." The first settlements of this place was so erected by name at a shallow spot by the stream.


Of the 17 seats in the municipal council for the first time be incurred Wählergemeinschaft AfW 2013 has eleven seats and voters Community WFW six ​​seats at the municipal election.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms and flag Wattenbeks to the connection of the long-established citizens symbolize with the new citizens. The gables are intended to highlight the juxtaposition of historic buildings and new construction. The wave bar represents the stream, which the town derives its name. The cattail stand for the natural spatial position with the Dosenmoor as an ingredient.

Blazon: " Divided by a silver wave beams of red and blue. Top two in outline uniform silver gable side by side, the front of a Bordesholmer farmhouse, the rear of a modern family house; below three silver cattails growing side by side. "


The community is predominantly agricultural structures, but also has some commercial and service businesses as well as residential areas. For the largest part based operating the main bearing of the beverage market Riepen. The town has plus two great restaurants, a gas station and a fishing shop. In addition, are also well within walking distance grocery stores, hardware stores, clothing stores, banks and post office in the neighboring Bordesholm.

In the north of the village there is also a commercial area that is easily accessible through the convenient access to the highway 49.


In the list of cultural monuments in Wattenbek are registered in the list of monuments of Schleswig- Holstein cultural monuments.


The municipality has acquired, built in 1789 smokehouse, which is located in a typical local farmhouse and is a protected monument in 1995. You will not only continue to be used for smoking ham and sausage, but since the renovation of another part of the building in 2000 for cultural events or exhibitions. In addition, a cozy cafe in the smokehouse available.

Shepherds throwing stick

1952 Working in Dosenmoor about a meter below the surface, an about 65 inches long and two inches thick rod found, rich human and animal figures decorated with carved and is now exhibited in the National Museum in Schloss Gottorp. The exact age of the rod is not known, but it may have been made ​​before 900.

Community life

The community life Wattenbeks is characterized by numerous activities of citizens. An essential part of place in the community center opened in 1998 " switching station " instead. In addition to the municipal meetings theater performances, exhibitions and concerts take place there. There is also the church office. Well over Wattenbeks city limits, the issued by culture Wattenbeker cookbooks are known.

Primary school Wattenbek

In the center of the community, the 9 -class primary school is approximately 200 students, 13 teachers and two special education teachers. In the old building the Wattenbeker primary school has six classrooms, five seminar rooms and two kindergarten rooms. The new building has eight classrooms, six classrooms, a large multipurpose room and administrative and storage areas. In the gym there is a stage and dressing rooms and equipment rooms. The rooms of the supported primary school and the sports field are also included. With the school year 2011/12 the country school has emerged on the Eider as a primary school of Education Association Bordesholm in Wattenbek. The country school on the Eider combines the locations Wattenbek and Bruges. The seat of government is in Wattenbek.

Sport and Culture

All major facilities, especially for children and teenagers, but also for seniors are on the ground in Wattenbek available.


Located next to the Wattenbeker primary school are items used by the TSV Wattenbek sports facilities with two football pitches and the sports home. The TSV Wattenbek e.V. offers space Wattenbek to attractive sports and has been operating 50 years Child and Youth Development. Sports Offered TSV Wattenbeks include handball, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. There is also a range of martial arts sports, such as Judo, Jiu- Jitsu, or Chinese boxing ( kung fu ).

Children and youth club

Since the beginning of 2000, there are in Wattenbek in close proximity to the primary school Wattenbeker the newly built children's and youth club. There are during the week from Monday to Friday, a variety of services and activities for children and young people. In addition, there are some holiday activities such as the summer camp at Brahmsee, which takes place every summer for years.


But not only for children and adolescents, there are activities in Wattenbek. The senior group " Join " the community Wattenbek offers a wide range, such as computer courses, coffee afternoons and another for seniors.