Wattens is a market town with 7639 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the Tyrolean district of Innsbruck Land and headquarters of the crystal company Swarovski. The municipality is located in the judicial district of Hall in Tirol.

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Wattens is located in the Tyrolean Inn Valley, south of the Inn, about 13 km east from Innsbruck. The municipal area also includes a portion of the Wattentals that leads into the Watt Lizum.

Neighboring communities


Findings from the La Tène period on mountainside ( "settlement kingdom of heaven " ) between Wattens and Volders evidence of an early settlement of the Fritz - Sanzeno culture. Can find evaluations suggest that the Wattener alluvial fan has been inhabited since pre-Roman times.

Documented Wattens was first mentioned in 930. Built in 1559 is the oldest paper mill in North Tyrol. Another economic upswing took place with the establishment of Swarovski's, which led to a strong settlement development and the former farming community changed.


The last mayor elections took place simultaneously with the local elections on March 14, 2010.

Franz Troppmair was elected mayor.



Culture and sights

For a hundred year anniversary of Swarovski established the Austrian artist André Heller in 1995 in an artificial hill at the eastern end of the village with an illusionist glass world, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. Inside "modern Wunderkammer " are (based on the historical Schloss Ambras ). This is also where cultural events such as " Music in the Giant " or the " giant children's game" instead.


The Museum Wattens (industrial and history ) offers a glimpse into the past and present of the communities and Wattens Volders. In it there are the findings from the Rhaetian kingdom of heaven and urns with extensive grave goods from 431 graves of Volderer urn field. In a second section, the evolution of which was founded in 1559 Wattens paper mill as well as the company Swarovski is shown.

The Rhaetian kingdom of heaven is situated on a hilltop between upstream and Wattens Volders. On the by a ring wall enclosed settlement area the foundations of five buildings can be visited, which probably represented the Haufenhof a Rhaetian nobles. It was inhabited from the 4th to the 1st century BC and was destroyed by fire. The museum is accessible and freely accessible in about 15 minutes walk.

The typewriter museum displays over 450 fully functional models of the development of the typewriter and covers the period from 1884 to the present. Sectional models provide the insight into the function.

Customs and music

  • Tyrolean legends and fairytales Festival: staging of fairy tales and ancient legends, mainly from the Tyrolean room
  • Music in the Giant: Chamber Music at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Economy and infrastructure

Due to the local businesses, there are many commuters in the community.

Wattens is located in the Inn Valley motorway with an exit and on the B 171 The station Fritz -Wattens is located north of the Inn in the neighboring municipality Fritz. Wattens is also served by regular local buses of the lower country.

Established businesses

  • Swarovski, crystal glass company. The glass cutter Daniel Swarovski from Bohemia settled in search of hydropower in Wattens and founded the company for crystal glass, which is now a worldwide and subsidiaries in Schwaz ( tyrolit abrasives) and Absam ( Swarovski Optik ) has.
  • Wattenspapier, paper mill. It originated from the paper mill was founded in 1559 and today represents specialty papers for cigarettes and filter manufactures, which are distributed worldwide. Meanwhile, the company Delfort the group was incorporated.
  • Swarco AG. Location of the company headquarters. One of Manfred Swarovski founded, not for Swarovski Group belonging traffic technology company.



The famous Inn cycle path from Innsbruck to Passau runs right past Wattens, also several tours for mountain bikers available


A popular hiking area is Tyrol's largest natural park, the Karwendel Alpine Park. Available while tracks are of varying lengths and levels of difficulty

  • Way of St. James
  • Eagle
  • Historic Loop Trail

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jakob Gapp, Priest ( born July 26, 1897 in Wattens, † August 13, 1943 in Berlin- Plotzensee )
  • Roland Kirchler, footballers ( 28facher Austrian national team player) ( born September 29, 1970)
  • Klaus Leeb ( January 16, 1942 in Wattens ), em. Professor of theoretical computer science at the Friedrich- Alexander -University Erlangen -Nuremberg
  • Petra Frey, singer ( b. 1978 )

Connected with Wattens

  • Anna Stainer - Knittel (better known as the Geierwally ), died here on February 28, 1915 at her son's house, Karl Steiner