WaveLab is a computer program from Steinberg for editing digital audio material. It features the Plug -in interfaces VST and DirectX, as well as internal effects and is one of the most famous sound editors Wavelab this type is mainly used in professional recording studios, and digital post-production of music. Wavelab offers the classic cut function, ie the cutting of digital audio files, tools for analysis, modification, and to process multiple files at once.

Be used, it can be used for recording and post-processing in all common formats, ie in mastering and post production for audio montages and individual audio files. In version 5, WaveLab supports up to 8 channels at a maximum sampling rate of 32 kHz for bit/192 WAVE files. WaveLab also provides opportunities for pre-mastering of audio CDs and DVD-Audio.

In working mode Montage audio files can be edited without having this be changed permanently ( so-called "non- destructive editing" ). With so created montages CDs, DVDs or individual audio tracks can be mastered.

Import and export of various formats with adjustment of bit depth and sampling rate is possible. This includes both internally supported formats as well as those that can be used for a ACM - filter. Audio CD and DVD-Audio tracks can be imported directly in the program. Other features include a batch processing and encoding, as well as an extensive signal generator.

The first version of the program was launched in 1995, the current version is WaveLab 8 Also available are stripped-down versions of the program, which, although cheaper than the full version, but also limited in features.