Waw an-Namus

Waw an Namus - taken from the Space Shuttle, October 25, 1992

Waw an Namus - (Arabic واو الناموس, DMG Waw an Namus -, mosquito crater '; Wau -en- Namus also ) is an extinct volcano, a caldera in southern Libya, near the geographical center of the Sahara.

Wide at the bottom of about 4 km and 100 m deep caldera is a cinder cone and three salt lakes, all of which appear in different colors. These lakes also justify the naming of the Waw an Namus -. Around the caldera extend over 10-20 km Fields marked with dark volcanic loose material ( tephra ), which are clearly visible even from space. Waw an Namus - pleased since the beginning of the tourist port of Libya increasing tourist popularity.

On the southern edge of the Tibestigebirges is about 500 km air -line distance the spectacular " Natronloch " Trou au Natron.


Cinder cones

Blue Grundwassersee

Green lake

Red lake