Wayne Newton

Carson Wayne Newton ( born April 3, 1942 in Roanoke, Virginia ) is a pop singer, actor and entertainer who is best known for his numerous shows in Las Vegas.

Artistic Career

Newton grew up first with his family, who had both English and Irish, Scottish and Native American roots, in Roanoke ( Virginia) on. The age of six he started piano and learning to play the guitar and worked regularly in a weekly radio program. In the early years at school, he met with his older brother in several local music competitions. At this time he lived with his family in Newark (Ohio ) until they had to move to Phoenix ( Arizona) because of his asthma 1952. There he was still a student his own TV show. Meanwhile, he ruled over ten musical instruments, what an agent from Las Vegas prompted to give him and his brother to show performances in Las Vegas. In 1962, he took with his brother as " The Newton Brothers" at the small label George his first single. It was followed by appearances in US-wide television shows, where he caught the attention of Bobby Darin. This produced with the two Newton brothers three singles with Capitol Records. All three plates were taken from 100 U.S. music magazine Billboard Hot in the hit list, said Bert Kaempfert Title Thank You with rank 13 got the best quotation.

From 1964 Wayne Newton's name appeared only on the disk label after the beginning of 1964 two singles were alone appeared with Newton at Challenge Records. Although produced until 1967 Capitol 18 singles with Newton, but none of the tracks reached the Top 10 of the U.S. charts. 1968 Newton moved to the record company MGM, but of the seven singles found only a bibliographic record in the Hot 100 with his first release for the label Chelsea Records in 1972, he reached his greatest success plate. The title Daddy Do not You Walk So Fast rose at billboard on to fourth place and was awarded by the RIAA with a gold record for over a million records sold. The contract with Chelsea was in 1976, after that followed sporadic productions with other record companies and in 1980 Newton was entitled Years his last chart success ( Hot 100/35 )..

Much more successful Newton was with his shows in Las Vegas. In 1994 he joined there to 25,000. Time on what it the synonym "Mr. Las Vegas " earned. He was elected several times as "Entertainer of the Year" and set standards for the entertainment industry. In 1999 he graduated with the Stardust hotel casino in Las Vegas, a 10- year deal, which guaranteed him for 40 weeks a year regular show appearances. In order to take better care of his family, Newton announced the 2005 contract. Instead, he started in the same year at the TV station E! Entertainment Television, the reality game show The Entertainer.

After Newton had occurred in 1966 in two episodes of the Bonanza TV series, he took over in 1969 in the movie 80 Steps to Jonah (80 steps to happiness ), the main role. By 2013, he starred in eleven movies, besides, he had roles in several other television series, as well as in several episodes in North and South ( North and South ).

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