WBAI is an American radio station and part of the Pacifica Radio Network. WBAI is a non-commercial, sponsored by the listeners station which is broadcast in New York on the frequency 99.5 FM. The music color is a leftist, progressive rock.


Democracy Now is a political magazine, which is broadcast on several North American radio stations. There, the latest news and political affairs are handled.

Weaponry is a program in which it comes to military technology and history.

Free Speech Radio News and Wakeup call are WBAIs morning news magazine, presented by Deepa Fernandes and Mario Murillo.

Hour of the Wolf, presented by Jim friend; Off the Hook, a program presented by the 2600 hacker group; The Personal Computer Show with Joe King and Hank Kee and The economics of journalism Doug Henwood are classic science fiction shows.

Jeannie Hopper 's Liquid Sound Lounge and Chico Alvarez 's New World Gallery are classical music broadcasts.