WC is:

  • The abbreviation for water closet, see toilet
  • The abbreviation for voting machines, see voting machine
  • The abbreviation for World Cup ( World Cup ) and World Championship ( World Cup)
  • A common abbreviation for the computer game Wing Commander
  • An abbreviation for the game Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment
  • The chemical formula for Tungsten
  • The abbreviation for the projectile Wadcutter
  • The pseudonym of American rapper William L. Calhoun, see WC ( rapper )
  • The postal district West Central (West Central London ) (as initial character of a postal code in the United Kingdom)

WC as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • A Unix command to count characters, words and lines (short for word count ).

W. C. are the initials of the following persons

  • WC Clark ( born 1939 ), American blues musician
  • WC Fields (1880-1946), American actor
  • WC Handy (1873-1958), American blues musician
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