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The WCW World Heavyweight Championship ( to German WCW World Heavyweight Title ) was the highest title, which the League Wrestling World Championship Wrestling awarded to individual wrestler. It was disabled when it was united with the WWF Championship and the WWF Undisputed Championship.


On January 11, 1991 Ric Flair defeated Sting in a title match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, but won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The new title was not represented with its own belt but by the Big Gold Belt, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship belt and taken over their cover story.

On 1 July 1991 Flair left WCW and went to the WWF. When the WCW refused flairs $ 25,000 deposit, repay the titleholder deposited as insurance in the NWA kept, flair the Big Gold Belt, who was then the top games of the League represented. The WCW was forced then to create your own title belt and called him also WCW World Heavyweight Championship, the title was awarded to Lex Luger after he won a tournament.

The WCW sued Flair because of the use of the Big Gold Belt in the competition league WWF and agreed out of court later on, repurchasing the title from Flair for $ 38,000.

In September 1993, the WCW left the NWA after other NWA member promotions complained that the title was not available for them. After leaving the NWA WCW but the Big Gold Belt and kept calling him WCW International World Heavyweight Championship.

1993 won the WCW Flair returned to WCW World Heavyweight Championship Vader, the WCW title decided by a match between then- titleholder Ric Flair with the former WCW International World Heavyweight Champion Sting to join. Flair won the match and thus united the two titles, took the name of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the Big Gold Belt of the International World Heavyweight Championship as a belt.

If quotas WCW ever fell, she was purchased in March 2001 by the WWF. Only four WCW title remained active, including the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which was henceforth called the WCW Championship. As the storyline invasion of WCW completed and this was officially dismantled, the title was renamed the World Championship. The World Championship was combined at the PPV event Vengeance on December 9, 2001 with the WWF Championship and the Undisputed WWF Championship (English " Undisputed WWF Championship " ), after Chris Jericho the then World Champion The Rock and then the then WWF Champion Steve Austin defeated and thus held the two main title of the biggest wrestling shows in the world at the same time. The union of the title the Undisputed Championship inherited the title history of the WWF Championship, which resulted in the deactivation of the World Championship.

According to the official cover story, the connection to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship is not recognized by WWE. The defended on Smackdown World Heavyweight Championship has adopted a very similar design, but claims to be not related to this item.

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