Wda Landscape Park

The Wdecki Landscape Park ( Wda Landscape Park, by Wda, River, German: black water, hence " Landscape Park Black water") is a country park in the eastern part of the Tuchel Heath (Polish: Tuchola ).

Opened on February 16, 1993 Park with an area of ​​237.86 km ² belongs to the communities Osie (about 70 % of the area ), Drzycim, Jeżewo, Lniano and Warlubie for powiat Święcki, as well as with communities and Cekcyn Śliwice the powiat Tucholsky, Kujawsko - Pomerania.

The center of the park located in the municipality Osie with the resort Tleń. In Tleń, situated at the mouth of the creek Prusina in the Wda, the Zalew Żurski, a reservoir of the hydroelectric power plant Żur begins. This together with the flux Wda and further to Wda Landscape Park belonging lakes form a water sports area. In addition, there are numerous marked Nordic walking and hiking trails.