WDC 65816/65802

When 65816 is a microprocessor which is available in a design as the processor and an advanced design of a microcontroller.


The W65816 (also 65C816 ) is a 16- bit microprocessor, developed by the Western Design Center (WDC ) as extended and compatible successor to the MOS Technologies 6502nd In the embodiment as a processor of 65816 two index registers, a stack pointer, a Direct Page has register and a 24 -bit address bus. It is implemented as a static CMOS design and features, apart from the compatibility with the 6502, by a low supply current of 300 uA at 1 MHz (corresponding to about 1 mW at a voltage of 3.3 V) and a high degree of immunity from.


As the W65C265S derived from the processor microcontroller is called. When it is (in contrast to most microcontrollers ), the entire address and data bus to the outside. This allows the entire address range also appeal outside of the controller. In addition it has, inter alia, 8 KB mask-programmable ROM, 576 bytes RAM, 2 tone generators, 64 I / O ports, interrupt- 4 UARTs, 8 Timer / Counter. A DMA can also be accessed on the internal ROM.

Main use of the CPU

  • Apple IIGS (2.8 MHz, in accelerator cards to 14 MHz)
  • In the game console Super Famicom / Super Nintendo ( 3.58 MHz)
  • In the SuperCPU accelerators ( 20 MHz), and Flash 8 ( 8 MHz) for Commodore 64 and 128
  • Acorn Communicator (2.0 MHz)