WDDX ( Web Distributed Data eXchange ) is a platform- and transport- neutral programming language mechanism for the exchange of data between different system environments and computers. The format supports simple data types such as numbers, strings, Boolean, etc. and complex states of these in terms of structures, arrays and records (such as tables, typically from database queries ). There WDDX interfaces for a large number of programming languages. ColdFusion, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C ,. NET, ActionScript, Lisp, Haskell, Perl and various platforms support it very well.

The data are based on an XML 1.0 DTD in XML structured - a platform-independent, but rather 'heavy representation. XML packaged data can now based on HTTP, FTP, or other transport mechanisms, to other computer programs and are transmitted. The receiving entity must support WDDX as to translate the data into the desired native format can. WDDX can also be used in order to perform a serialization, for example, in a file system or a database. Many applications use WDDX to send complex data to the browser, which can be edited with JavaScript there - this is essential in the development of Web applications, Ajax- based.

Originally WDDX was written for the server environment ColdFusion 1998 by Simeon Simeonov by the Allaire Corporation and later released as open source.

WDDX and XML -RPC, both created in 1998, the model for SOAP and Web services were. SOAP borrowed the envelope / header / body structure, as well as the transport / interaction neutrality WDDX and HTTP / RPC bindings of XML -RPC.

Example: (from php.net / wddx )


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